What 2 things do you like about a band? Is it in the music? Do the bands you see hit you in the chest like a bullet from an 1800s colt 45? How many times have you said you were going to see something different, something really entertaining? What if that entertainment was right here in this old western town and you have the freedom to see this band and find that the 2 things you like about a band were right there all along. Does the band make you feel at peace? Does the band spread love where ever they go? And does the band give you that joyful feeling right in the pit of your chest? These are the reasons you want to give all you can, because of the feeling this band gives you. You believe wholeheartedly in the mission of this band and what they are doing to help the people that most need it. These are the things that give you that sense of gratification. So giving all you can to this band will always make you feel the sense of fulfillment, because of how they make you feel each time you see them perform.