The World's Only Rustic Outlaw Southern Hard Rock Band. 

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2 IN THE CHEST  Really needs a new wagon the person that donates can wrap the van with there logo along with the awareness tours logo and 2 IN THE CHEST. We know you are out there please step foreword and help us help our veterans.

The Mission 

This band was formed to give total entertainment not just great music, but an entire performance for you to remember your entire life. And most importantly spread autism awareness and the rising issue of homeless Veterans Nationwide.

2 IN THE CHEST was born out of the need to spreading awareness on the epidemic of homelessness when it comes to veterans, as well as funding to build a self-sustainable community for them. Not only to give them a place to call home, but to have the resources needed to bring their physical health and; mental health back to a productive level so they can have a chance at some kind of normalcy.

This team consists of 4 members of 2 IN THE CHEST Rich Lead Vocals Rhythm Guitar AKA Reverend Black Jack McBride, Rachel Drummer AKA Velvet De Blonko, Lindley Lead Guitar AKA Jameson Jack Coburn, Derek Edwards Bass, Tao Chieng Touring Bass Player AKA Mortimer J. Butterfield, a videographer/photographer Ray Litman, Manager of 2 IN THE CHEST that is also part of the show Rhonda Dickison and last but definitely not least Sammy AKA Mary Ella O Sullivan the Twin sister of Raiden Rich and Rachel’s Extreme Autistic son.

 Will you stand with us and DONATE towards this monumental tour? Thank you and never forget the catch phrase. “PEACE LOVE & 2 IN THE CHEST”

Hey there all you awesome Dwellers of dust. We will start booking the 2018 tour really soon. And i'm sure you know it cost a great deal of money to bring our show to you. With your help we can make it happen again. Our veterans deserve more love and respect than they are given. This is why we do what we do. 

Building self sustainable communities for the homeless veterans is going to happen but it will only happen if we continue to tour and raise the needed money while touring to make this dream a reality for hundreds of homeless veterans. Please donate and tell everyone about this amazing thing we are doing for our heroes.


2 IN THE CHEST: A tool for charity. Touring the US to raise money to build Self-Sustainable communities for the homeless Veteran.

2 IN THE CHEST the world’s only Rustic Outlaw Southern Hard Rock Band is searching for the next chapter of this amazing story. We need a Bass Player

1.            100% dedication to the vision

2.            Must have a job

3.            A reliable form of transportation.

4.            Absolutely no drinking or smoking 420 before a show. This is a family oriented band, and that is how we present ourselves. Tactful consumption after a show is fine.

5.            Visual learning of the bass lines is preferred; you will be given a CD and basic info on the songs to help you in the learning of them.

6.            Authentic old west clothing is an investment you will have to make. This shows the rest of the family your dedication. We do have a seamstress that might make your outfit for you, but you will need to buy all the materials.

7.            Bass Is provided so you do not need to relic yours.

8.            At this time rehearsals are during the day for part of the week and early evenings on weds.

9.            Rehearsal is on the west side of phoenix where the band is located.

If you are interested please get with us as soon as possible as we are heading back into the studio to record the second full length record.

For the Haters that will mock this post, come to a show sometime and gain a smile because there will be plenty of those to go around. Peace Love & 2 IN THE CHEST