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Bibe Boanna Darby



Reverend BlackJack McBride

Guitar Lead Vocals

 Jameson Jack Coburn 

Lead Guitar Backing Vocals


Noel O'Shaughnessy

Product Manager


This band was formed to give total entertainment not just great music, but an entire performance for you to remember your entire life. And most importantly spread autism awareness and the rising issue of homeless Veterans nationwide. 2 IN THE CHEST Starts Touring the US To raise money to build self-sustainable communities for homeless Veterans Starting in June 2017




Ed Masley , The Republic | azcentral.com Published 3:25 p.m. MT Nov. 1, 2016 | Updated 9:48 a.m. MT Nov. 19, 2016

11/12: 2 in the Chest release show

Now, anytime you claim to be the world’s only anything, it’s bound to raise some eyebrows if not questions. But “the world’s only rustic outlaw Southern hard rock/metal band?”  Sounds pretty reasonable – especially if you throw in one last qualifier: “whose new release consists entirely of songs based on actual stories from or otherwise related to the Wild West of the 1800s.” As their Facebook bio puts it, “When you go see a show, it’s way more than just the music, it’s like busting open the swinging doors of some 18th-century saloon.” But wait, you say, the 1800s are the 19th century.

Don’t be that guy.

As guitar-playing vocalist Reverend Black Jack McBride says, “We are a full concept band head to toe, from lyrics to logo.”

They’ve been playing in the Valley since 2009. The CD they’re releasing at this Yucca Tap Room show was a year and a half in the making, recording at Steampunk Audio Labs in Glendale by producer Casey Weaver.

The Reverend and Velvet De Blonko, their drummer, are married and have a child with extreme autism. They formed 2 in the Chest in part to raise autism awareness.

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​August 20 – Dimefest – Joe’s Grotto

The yearly Dimefest, celebrating the birthday of the guitarist we all know, love, and dearly miss, is made even more poignant this year by the fact that it would’ve been Darrell “Dimebag” Abbott’s 50th birthday. Expect to see two stages of just about every hard-hitting local musician paying tribute to Dime by way of deep metal grooves, shred-tastic riffs, and powerful vocals. While we can always expect to see some Pantera and Damage Plan jams, I’m guessing there’s some amazing stuff in store for us this year — and stay to the end to close out the night with Cowboys From Hell, of course! Storm of Perception, Talk to Sheep, Nephilim, From Athens We Fled, 2 in the Chest, Asphalt Wasteland, Autolysis, and more will be performing. Getcha pull!

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TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 29, 2015 AT 8:15 A.M.

Oct 31 – A Night to Hail Metal – Joe’s Grotto

 Just one of the many Halloween shows for your many metal musical tastes. With heavy rockers Fatal Malady, Rob Zombie tribute AmEricAn ZoMbie, and 2 in the Chest—this “wild west” rustic metal band is one I’ve been wanting to check out ever since one of the members won at the Heavy Metal Television VJ competition—this show will be chock full of costumes and on-stage horror masks. Rounded out by Ashes of the Dead and Buttonface.

True stories of the old west come to life on stage

when 2 IN THE CHEST performs.

Jereamy Wilson Our City Radio 2013

2 IN THE CHEST is making quite a name for themselves. When you go see a show it’s way more than just the music, it’s like busting open the swinging doors of some eighteenth century saloon, bellying up to the bar, and not only hearing the amazing music but listening to stories from the old west that they tell during the performance. Everything 2 IN THE CHEST does is part of that story. The characters, the clothes, the vibe…all are pieces to the incredible puzzle that this band has put together.

From beginning to end their set is a pioneering journey through the past, and everyone from young to not so young leave a 2 IN THE CHEST show with a smile and a never ending memory of the fantastic time they had.

They have a great eye for art and how to tie it in with the music that they write. Even the bands logo was meticulously hand crafted. Fronted by Reverend Black Jack McBride, this band of dead pioneers which by the way each have their own stories, makes every show well worth the cover to get in whatever it may be. Both audibly and visually…you will not be disappointed.

With Mortimer J.Butterfield on the bass and Velvet De Blonko, on the drums The fingers of Jameson Jack Coburn on the lead guitar, and from time to time special guests, 2 IN THE CHEST knows how to put on a show! With their hard driving Southern Metal sound and their ghostly theatrics, they are sure to blow the britches off everyone in the building, and have them walking out of the building with a Sarsaparilla Smile. 


2019 Pre-Release Download

Lead Jacket In A Pine Box

Velvet De Blonko 


First of all we would like thank each and every single 2 IN THE CHEST Dweller ( Fan) For sticking with us for all these years. We would like that thank all the amazing people that keep our metal scene popping. Thank you Paul Benson Club Red Mesa Paul Sokol Appalling Events Walter Greggs of Cranium Radio and each one of you that came out to the awards show.

Most people do not know this but the Reverend Has in the Arizona Metal Scene over 35 years, and there are a great deal of bands right here in Arizona that have been here as long or longer. Bands such as ST. MADNESS bands like Pelvic Meatloaf and Prong, Howitzer Flotsam and Jetsam And one of Arizona's longest running metal bands Sacred Reich We have tons of awesome metal acts in the valley. and it would take me hours to name them all. For fear that we may accidentally leave one out we will not. We would like to Thank the people that have backed us and what we stand for.

1st we like to thank BAD BOY Guitars for endorsing the Reverend Black Jack McBride, Band Oasis rehearsal studio for always giving to what ever we are a part of. We would like to thank Michael Kelly Guitars For sponsoring The Awareness Tours Housing Homeless Veterans Through entertainment. and huge props going out to all the local radio stations that support the local scene. Cranium Radio Dust Bowl Metal Show and with pladio 98KUPD Official which by the way has a metal show on Sunday nights that frequently spins local Arizona metal bands. and one of the biggest contributers to spreading the word about local shows Soundphoria Media and Entertainment these guys put together a video each week giving you every local event that is going on in the valley rock metal punk or anything related.

Thank you Gavin Donnelly for all that you do. and a huge supporter of the scene The Best Clothing Company and MetalHeads MC these guys are always supporting our local hard rock and metal scene. lets not forget Joe's Grotto or Starlite Lounge and in no way will I forget Donny Johnson who is always helping local bands get on national shows 2 IN THE CHEST has yet to get on a show with him at the Marquee Theatre but im sure that will be remedied very soon.

2 in the chest is slowly approaching the 10 year mark and they show no signs of stopping any time soon. With the CD release party on March 2nd you will find several amazing metal bands on this bill. the bands and venue will be released very soon. I want to thank Billy Gonzales of We Steal Copper for taking on the task of putting together this huge CD release party for 2 IN THE CHEST's brand new Record "LEAD JACKET IN A PINE BOX" recorded and mastered in Steampunk Audio Labsjust like the last record "IRON SMOKE AND SPIT. 2 IN THE CHEST has some very big things coming up in 2019 so stay informed my subscribing to our page here. We love each and every one of you, and hope that you get to enjoy many more 2 IN THE CHEST performances. and never forget our catch phrase Peace Love & 2 IN THE CHEST

2016 CD 

​Iron Smoke And Spit Available now

Media Mentions 

Clarence Gilmore Hildabrandt


Endorsed by

Bad Boy Guitars

Joe's Grotto
Jammerz Bar
The Toad Tavern, Littleton, CO
Glass Bar, Grand Island, NE
Livewire Lounge, Chicago, IL
Front Row Live,  Kokomo, IN
Royal Castle Lounge, Colorado Springs, CO -
Studio 18, Farmington, NM
THE WARRIOR,  Tallahassee, FL
Fitzgerald's, San Antonio, TX
The Rail Club, Fort Worth, TX
The Rock House, El Paso, TX
Starlite Lounge
Rips ales & cocktails
The Rogue Bar
Club Red / Red Owl
Riviera Roadhouse
Yucca Tap Room
Pranksters Too
Rock N Ronnies
Club Tazec
The Blooze Bar
7th St Sports Bar
Rockbar Inc.
Gila County Fair
The Drunken Lass
Gold King Mine
Dirty and Trina's
Crabby Don's
Club Red
The Nile Theater
Career Success High School
The Sail Inn
Starlit Mine Theatre
Hard Rock Cafe Phoenix
910 Live
Goathead Saloon 


Brewster Scofield Hutchinson

Bass Backing Vocals

Mary Ella O Sullivan