Reverend Black Jack McBride: Guitar & Lead Vocals

Velvet De Blonko: Drums

Mortimer John Butterfield: Bass & Backing Vocals

Jameson Jack Coburn: Lead Guitar Backing Vocals

Bibe Boanne Darby: Saloon dancer and Hostess

Noel O'Shaughnessy Seamstress and Hostess

Mary Ella O'Sullivan Introduction and hostess

Badger Bob Beamon: Piano

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Many years ago there lived a man who went by the name Reverend Black Jack McBride.
He was a preacher man to most but even more than that he rode from town to town helping the less fortunate with basic needs such

as food and clothing and blankets if it was winter time.
 Life was very hard back in the 1800’s there was a great deal of crime where ever you went, but more so in the west.

 On a beautiful Sunday morning in the spring of 1868 the reverend was doing an Easter service and the congregation was full. Standing room only on this day. The service was just about to conclude when three men walked into the church. It grew very quiet so quiet that you could hear the sheriffs watch ticking in his vest. One of the men shouted out..” Are you the one they call the Rev. Black?” The reverend of course answered yes I am what can I do for you folks?

 At this time all three men un-holstered their guns, one of the men shot the sheriff the second man just started shooting random people and the third man had his barrel aimed at the reverend. The reverend looked unto the heavens and said, ”good lord, my work is not yet done in this place will you make this wrong right?” Just then the man fired 2 bullets into the reverends chest dropping him where he stood.

 After the lead stopped flying, and horror of all the carnage was done, those evil men road out of town never to be seen again.  30 towns folk were dead. The reverends lifeless body lays motionless next to the statue of Jesus in a pool of blood.

 The word of this horrific massacre spread throughout the neighboring towns like a wild fire. Many folks came together to give all these people a proper burial. A special crypt was constructed for Mr. Black one that would last for many life times. The following Sunday all the townsfolk from all the neighboring towns came to the church and shared the awesome stories if all great things Mr. Black had done for all these communities.  After many people spoke a young man stepped up to the podium and said these few words. “The man all of you know as the Reverend Black should know this, he will be back, and he will continue his work” after this young man said this he walked out of the church. No one had ever seen this person before. Who was this man all the townsfolk asked themselves.

 Many years went by and the memory of Mr. Black will never fade because on the anniversary of his passing at dusk a strange thing happens and no one can explain it.

 At dusk on the anniversary of the reverends death something amazing happens, it really cannot be explained one would have to see it to completely understand it. But, at dusk when the sun has almost gone completely down, a very eerie red light shines from his crypt strait up to the heavens and its stays there until the sun crests the mountains in the east. This has happened each and every single year sense his passing. No one really understands it except the few who watch over his grave. What makes this really interesting is that the ones that are watching over his grave are not people at all, big jon the black smith said, that it looked like 7 angels on the backs of golden horses. These angels as the blacksmith explained would ride around the reverends tomb until the breaking of the morning sun.

 During the early years after his death, people still talked about the reverend. Many stories were told. But what all the towns’ folk wanted more than anything, was to find the evil men that massacred all those people on that unforgettable Easter morning.  Many people each and every day were praying for revenge on those three men.

 Back in the tomb of the Reverend as he lays there in his coffin you can almost read his thoughts. The memory of what that little boy said at reverends funeral stuck in the minds of many of the folks in that town. “His work is not yet finished” what did he mean by this, was the question.

 A few years later in a town about 200 miles from the town the Reverend was murdered lived a loving and nurturing young woman this lady was the school teacher in that particular town and all the children loved her so. She would not only teach in the school but she would go to the homes of children that had to work the farms during the day and were unable to make it to school. This fine young lady’s name was Velvet De Blonko she was an Italian immigrant that came here with her parents when she was just a baby. Her parents own a small store in this town and they are much loved as well.

 One morning in the winter Velvet was in class teaching her pupils, and three men busted open the school house doors and yelled are you the one that goes by the name Velvet De Blonko? She of course said yes I am, what can I do for you gentlemen we are having class right now can this wait until after school is out?

 Just then the men started opening fire on all the children killing every last one of them leaving none alive then the men set fire to the church after locking the doors and Velvet was burnt alive within that school on that horrific day. After the towns folk worked tirelessly trying to put the fire out, when it was said and done they found her lifeless body huddled around all the children that were murdered.

  In 1839 Mortimer J. Butterfield was born to John and Mary Butterfield. They were a family of bankers that always tried to do the people right. Some nasty people in the soon to be banking cartel started shifting their weight around and forced the Butterfield’s to do banking their way. This is not something they wanted to deal with so they packed up and moved out west to a small town in Arizona Called Ruby. They built a bank and helped the towns people the best they could. When Johnny’s Parents became too old to tend to the banking needs of the town,  Johnny took over the business and followed in his parents footsteps doing charity work and helping out at the local children’s hospital, which by the way, was in a little 8 bedroom house the Butterfields build to care for the children. He would help with therapy sessions and he would even play guitar for all the children. He picked up playing guitar during the long travel west. Several months on the road in a wagon, he got pretty darn good. See they did not have a guitar for him. He made a bass like instrument from the wash basin and a broom handle. It only had the one string but he could play that thing like no one’s business.

Over a period of about 7 years Johnny had been putting away money raised at several different kinds of events in Ruby and other outlining towns to build a fully equipped children’s hospital. He raised over 50,000 dollars.

The plans were set and the building of this amazing facility would begin the very next month.

There was band of outlaws robbing banks in the area but everyone knew what the Butterfield bank was all about, and even the bad guys stayed away believe it or not, but not on this day. They came to that town and stole all the money he had been saving for the children’s Hospital and that just crushed Johnny and the whole town.

They all got together and put together a posse. Johnny had to stay in town while they were all out looking for these horrible outlaws. As Johnny was helping one of the children with his walking device a thunderous sound come crashing through the doors of that clinic and there stood three faceless men with arms of fire.

As the largest of the three, walked closer to Johnny, a voice from what seemed like hell itself spoke out and said, “Are you Mortimer J Butterfield”? Before he could answer flames shot like lighting from his arms and incinerated Johnny where he stood leaving nothing but burnt flesh and bone. They torched the clinic and all the children inside. They did not stop there no; they burnt the entire town to the ground. When the posse came back with the bank robbers they could not believe the carnage that they saw.

Picking through the burnt out clinic they found Johnny’s remains surrounded by several deceased children. Mortimer (Johnny) was taken from that place and brought back to Baton Rouge to be buried with the rest of his family in the Butterfield family cemetery.

Jameson "Jack" Coburn

Profession: Undertaker turned Sheriff

Born in New Hampshire in 1849 (Father was a Watchman, Mother was a school teacher). After spending 1 year as an undergrad Med student at John Hopkins University working on cadavers, he became an undertaker and planned a move out west where business was booming. In 1863 he headed for Bodie, California but settled in Bannack Montana when he ran out of money.


Once settled in Bannack he was approached by the corrupt sheriff Henry Plummer to dispose of bodies piling up after several orchestrated stage coach robberies. Plummer had a gang of Highwaymen robbing travelers and ruthlessly killing them to cover up their crimes. After many consultations and under duress, Jack agrees to dispose of the remains.


- Falls in love with a local Prostitute

- her body shows up at his doorstep to be disposed of

- he learns Henry Plummer is personally responsible for her death, killing her in a jealous rage.

- Court Magistrate grants Jack temporary special authority backed my US Marahalls to go after Henry Plummer’s gang and bring them to justice.

- he then goes to war with Plummer’s Highwaymen and kills them all....arresting only one: Henry Plummer himself.

- Henry Plummer is tried and hanged behind the courthouse for his crimes.

- Jameson "Jack" Coburn is appointed Sheriff and serves for 4 years. At this point he has been on the trail of a band of outlaw bank robbers for about 6 months. He finally locates the crew and he and his deputy devised a plan to bring them in. while getting ready to execute this plan, the three faceless men walk out from behind the trees and “ask in a very low and demonic voice “Are you the one called Jack Coburn? Very disturbed by the sudden appearance of these evil beings, he with a very powerfull and authoritative voice says, “That is my name and whats your angle. Just then in a blink of an eye they were standing right next to him two were holding his arms and the other his neck and in an istant they ripped off his arms and head and left him there to bleed. They left his deputy there to watch as he defecated on himself in total fear, and in a flash they were gone. After cleaning himself up, he put Jacks arms and head in the saddlebag’s of his horse, and brought him back to town. This town and the people in it loved this man very much. He did so many great things for the youth sponsoring campouts and shooting classes. He also raised a great deal of money for the widowed mothers not only in that town, but many neighboring towns as well. He was buried next to his father in a grave right outside a small town in New Hampshire 

Bibe Boanne Darby born to parents Dardanelle Bo Darby and Rosemary Anne O’Hara Darby  who sadly passed away during child birth. In the summer of 1864 in Yell County Arkansas.

Because of the death of her mother, she was raised by her father, and brought up learning how to survive in this cruel world. He really did not know how to raise a little girl but he did the best he could. After losing his son a year before the birth of his beautiful little girl to scarlet fever, it was only the two of them and several hired hands. The hired hands were mostly drifters looking for some work and Mr. Darby would always do what he could to help those who need it. Bibe learned the way of the gun in all aspects of life how to defend herself, how to hunt and how to trap.

The Darby’s owned a mail and express that was attached the Dardanelle Mercantile general store.  They also owned a short line railroad called  “(D&R) Dardanelle and Russellville Railroad Company” they used this railroad to send food and clothing to neighboring towns that were suffering the drought of 1873-83. The Darby’s were a very loved and respected family in those days because of the kindness they showed to so many people during the 10 year drought.

Bibe was not even 10 years old when she ran the kitchen for the hired workers and at times tended the general store. She was very good with numbers this was surprising to most people because she never went to school she was home schooled by her father. Some said the Mr. Darby worked the girl to hard but Bibe never seen it that way in fact she would ask for more work when she was done. She was not afraid of getting her hands dirty at all.

The Darby’s were are always church going people in fact Mr. Darby was a preacher in his younger years and sometimes would fill in at local churches as he was a very distinguished and intelligent man of God. These qualities were passed down to Bibe as well.

In March of 1878 when bibe was only 14 years of age she witnessed the horrible brutal murder of her father by a repugnant vile coward of a man. A man her father showed nothing but love and respect to, giving him a place to sleep, food to eat and a great paying job on the farm. Chaney Ross was his name and what he didn’t know was, Bibe was not the type of person that just lets things go. She has a strength and drive to get things done. The thing is, this scoundrel not only killed her father but took two Gold pieces from the waist band of his trousers that has been in the family for over 100 years. And this worthless pile of cow dung stole his horse too. and as if this wasn’t enough he also took the deed to the land, the railroad and the general store. Bibe was more than mad, she was downright furious; hell bent to deliver Chaney Ross to the door step of hell.

After gaining the help of a few deputy marshals which by the way, were also chasing not only Chaney Ross, but his band of outlaws for bank robbery and murder of almost an entire town in Texas, they all rode out to catch these criminals.  

While they were riding, Bibe would reflect back on some divine words her father use to say to her. “You must pay for everything in this world, one way and another. Nothing in this world is free except Gods Love and forgiveness” but she could not forgive the man that killed her father so they ride on. After chasing them for almost a year the Marshalls stopped the chase and went back to Texas. Bibe left without a father or the family businesses, she gained employment as a Saloon dancer hopping from town to town hoping to someday find the man that took everything from her. She ended up marrying one of the deputy marshals she was with during the hunt for Chaney Ross. They settled down and this was becoming a more joyful time for her. But there was always that thought in the back of her head “I will find that evil man and he will get what’s coming to him”

It was a cold day in November when she received a telegraph from her husband. It read. “I found Chaney Ross and his gang STOP they are held up in a cabin just outside of Pattonsburg, Missouri STOP Come quickly I don’t know how long they will be here STOP…

She packed a small bag with her guns and ammo, and hopped a train to Pattonsburg, Missouri. Upon arrival at the station she seen her love standing there waiting for her. After grabbing her bags and stepping off the train, the sky turned black and three faceless men in long black coats rode up on them, riding on the backs of demons. They dismount there beasts turn and stand right in front of Bibe and a thunderous voice from what seemed the pit of hell says “are you Bibe Darby?” After hearing this she remembers the stories of these evil men that were told over the years and she skins her colt but it was too late fire flew from the guns of the three faceless men killing her her husband and everyone else at that station. As Bibe lay there dying, she looks to the heavens praying, God is this the end? Just then she drew her last breath. She and her husband were buried in a cemetery next to her father in Arkansas.

Noel O'Shaughnessy

As a child Noel came to the US from Ireland with her parents to claim a plot of homesteading land promised to them during the homestead act of 1862. When the shots fired they ran to pick up a stake on their land. In the process of this there were those that did not play by the rules and just as her father was grabbing the stake he was shot in the back. Noels mother grabbed noel and the stake and sat on the ground demanding they back away but this was not going to happen. They killed her mother and grabbed Noel and the stake. They dropped Noel off with another Irish family and road off.

A few years went by and during this time the family she was with, built a General store in a gold rush town just outside of the Wichita Mountains.  And they did very well in that store. Over the years Noel became a very respected and loved person for all the work she did for the less fortunate people in the area, making clothing. She was so good at what she did, people would come to her small town to have custom dresses made by her, and they would pay top dollar for a speedy service. Some even said she was the fastest there ever was. She could sew a custom fit dress in just a couple short hours with her foot pumped sewing machine that her adopted father made for her.

Business was getting very good for her, so good in fact; they had to build onto the current store just to accommodate everything she needed to make clothing. But there was one thing that was for sure, she never forgot about the less fortunate people. In fact she hired a great deal of people to help her with her new found business. And for a couple hours a day they would stop making the clothing for sale to make clothing to give to the families in need.

Noel was much loved in this area. And she never thought she could be so successful making cloths. One day after her shop was closed she stuck around with a family that had a cute little girl. Noel felt a real closeness to this young lady, because her parents were also murdered. As she was sewing that little dress, three scary men walked through the doors of her store shouted with a thunderous voice Noel O'Shaughnessy! Fire flew from the arms of these three faceless men and everyone was killed in the store except the little girl, she was pushed into the wine cellar just before the place went up in flames.

Mary Ella O'Sullivan the cute little girl ran all the way to the end of town to another family that stopped her to find out what was going on but Mary was so tired and out of breath they could not understand what she was saying. When they finally; got her to calm down enough to understand her, they though she was nuts. But they took her to the area the rest of her family was staying. It was not much just a few tents and that’s about it. You see Mary was the oldest of all her brothers and sisters. Yes she was only 8 years old but she had quadruplet sisters and triplet brothers the sisters were four years old and the triplet boys were just over a year old. This forced her to grow up quick. And she was such a strong little girl she was always helping her mother care for the kids yes she said kids. Well she was forced to grow up really fast because of the birth of the quads.

This is the reason her mother took her to town to get her something special from Noel for all the hard work she has been doing helping with the raising of the kids. Now she is left with 4 sisters and 3 brothers to care for, and the only help she has is her aging grandmother who is approaching 80 years. Well, when they arrived at Mary’s campsite, the man and woman looked at each other and without uttering a word, knew what they had to do. They took her and all her brothers and sisters back home with them. And the unbelievable part of this story is, the people that are now; taking in all these children are the same people that raised Noel after her parents were killed. Mary’s mother worked in the little store and would pick up some of the sewing skills. After just a short time she picked up where Noel left off to become the best seamstress in the new west territory.

Mary had such a love for the work she did and she helped out families all over by not only making clothing for the less fortunate but also taking a good portion of the money and investing in land to build homes on for so many people. You could say this was the first full-fledged housing division.

One day about 4 years later at the age of 12 Mary was taking a family to their new home that was built for them. Just as they opened the door shots rang out and little Mary was dead on the front steps of the home. Those three faceless men walked out of the house looked down at her and said to her lifeless body you aint getting away this time you foul piece of flesh. Then the evil men road off in a hell fire.

Many years passed, when one day the Reverend, Velvet, Mortimer and Jameson rode into this town they noticed their chests glowing as they rode closer to the local cemetery. Reverend looks at Mortimer and says I thought we were the only ones? I don’t know Rev. Reverend tosses St. Christopher to Jameson and says you know what to do. He slammed St. Christopher to the grave of Bibe and the skies grew dark and a thunderous voice pierced the sky saying take this one with you on your quest for peace & love. She raises hops on the back of Jamesons Horse and they ride off in to the night.

After just a few short years on the anniversary of the Reverends death. Like every year, the graveside overseers did something a little different than just riding around his crypt, they dismounted there golden steads and walked over to his coffin and as the glowing red lights shined through the cracks of the coffin the overseers opened it up and said some words in a language mankind will probably never understand. At that moment he arose from his resting place with a red brilliant glow emanating from his chest. And a loud thunderous voice pierced the sky and spoke to him. The voice was clear on the directions the Reverend was supposed to follow.


After his resurrection he immediately headed out to find the other chosen ones. Arriving in a town some 200 miles from his crypt towns people look on in total amazement remembering what that young boy said “he will be back and he will continue his work. the towns people were shocked to see this man that everyone has been talking about for so many years. He was no longer who he once was. Just then the red elimination light from his chest started glowing bright as he ride closer to the graveside of Miss Velvet De Blonko.  He dismounted his stead and slammed St. Christopher down on her grave as he did this the skies turned black and a thunderous voice pierced the sky. Velvet emerged from her grave and as this was happening a glorious white horse appeared. She looked at The Reverend and a blue light shined through her chest.

They rode off in search of another. As they ride from town to town people started to take notice of these skeletal remains everyone somehow knew why they were here. town to town they rode tirelessly looking for the Dr. a period of about a year had past as they rode through yet another town and it happened the red and blue lights started shining through their skeletal remains as they ride closer to the graveside of Dr. Dagmar Jordanson. As Velvet stayed on her mount the Reverend slammed St. Christopher on the grave of the Dr., and again the skies turned black and the thunderous voice pierced the sky. Dagmar rose from the dead and a golden horse appeared after which he mounted and They rode off in search of the three faceless men that killed them.

It was almost a year since they began their journey to find one more. Their chest plates started to glow riding across an old burnt out farm that must have been abandoned for more than 30 years. While riding they happened across Thomas McCrays lifeless corpse. At this point 30 years has left nothing but bones. The Rev. tossed Dagmar St. Christopher, and he walked towards the corpse slammed it on the ground next to lefty and he was awoken. A thunderous voice pierced the sky and a red horse appeared.

Many years have passed and many towns visited, looking for the three faceless men. Although they came close many times, these three managed to escape their grasp. One night in small town in Arizona at a local saloon, the three faceless men walked in and catching Lefty and Dagmar off guard, snatched the life from their bodies and left the bones on the floor where they stood. Reverend and Velvet did all they could to stop this, but it was to no avail. The bodies were loaded up and buried in a protected grave yard built by the angels of God and it is where they stand guard with the other members of the family. This is where Sancho and his brother Poncho are laid to rest as well. No one will ever take them away from this holy place.

After taking care of the great Dagmar and Lefty the Rev and velvet rode out to find others that could help in the fight to catch the three faceless men before they steal the peace and love from all man kind.

Their travels took them to Baton Rouge Louisiana where they called on St. Christopher once again to raise them a new warrior to find the faceless three. Mortimer John Butterfield was his name. He grabbed the reigns of Dagmars mighty steed, Rev. reached into the bags of Dagmars Horse and handed “The Dirty Bird” to Mortimer and said to him, "This is how we bring Peace & Love to Man Kind" and the three of them rode off to find yet another worthy man to complete their task.

After just a short few months these 4 appointed ones ride into a small town in New Hampshire they are drawn to a very large cemetery after arriving at the grave side Rev threw St. Christopher to Mortimer to bring this great man back to life to aid in the capture of the three faceless men. Handing  The reigns of Leftys Stead to Jameson. As he mounted the reverend said to him in that saddlebag you will find The golden Intrament that will bring peace and love back to man kind. J.J answers back... "And what do I call this amazing weapon of peace?" It is "THE LAWBRINGER" Treat it with love and dedication and it will bring joy to many. They ride off to Return Peace and love to all man kind.