The Rips Bar May 12th  Phoenix AZ                   Rips Bar

​May 26th  Glendale AZ                                     Starlite Lounge

​​​​​​June 16th Globe AZ                                            Jammerz Bar
June 19th El Paso TX,                                     The Rockhouse
June 20th Dallas TX,                                        The Rail Club
June 21st San Antonio TX,                             Fitzgerald's Bar   
June 24th Tallahassee, FL                               The Warrior
June 30th Satellite Beach FL                      Ashley's SportsPage        
July 28th Farmington NM,                               Studio 18           
July 29th Colorado Springs CO,                   Royal Castle Lounge

August 4th Kokomo, IA                                 Front Row Live
August 6th Chicago, IL                                  Livewire Lounge       

August 10th Green Bay, WI                                Gasoline           
August 18th Grand Island NE                        The Glass Bar
August 19th Littleton, CO                           The Toad Tavern
August 22th Scottsdale AZ,                          The Rogue Bar
September 23rd Globe, AZ                              Jammers

We would like to thank thank all the venues for allowing us to perform for your patrons. The tour was a complete success. We will see you all next year.