Reverend Black Jack McBride the leader of this band of rustic outlaws 
(Rhythm Guitar and Lead Vocals)

Kimby (The Mason) McDaniels
(Rhythm Guitar Back up Vocals)

Jameson Jack Coburn 
(Lead Guitar)

Velvet De Blonko 

Shotgun Lloyd Magill 
(Bass Guitar)

Mary Ella O Sullivan
(Percussion & Drums)

Noel O'Shaughnessy
(Seamstress & Merch Person)

Bibe Bo Anne Darby
(Saloon Dancer & Hostess)

2 IN THE CHEST is an all original full concept band. The concept is from head to toe, lyrics to logo. 1 main thing that most people do not know about is that the drummer the percussionist and lead singer are all family mother daughter and father.

2ITC has been wowing crowds for almost 11 years. Anyone that attends a 2ITC performance, leaves with a smile that will last a life time.

2ITC is way more than a hard rock band. When you attend a performance it's stepping through the swinging doors of an old west Saloon.

2 IN THE CHEST  has plans to bring to the stage, a new kind of performance. But that will only come with large financial backing.

The songs the Reverend Black Jack McBride writes are actual stories or stories that are related to the old west. Each song is a short to full length movie. To do a proper video all aspects of the story must be considered and that requires a large filming budget. This can only come with large financial backing.

2 IN THE CHEST is a charity band that has been performing shows to raise money for The Awareness Tours Housing Homeless Veterans Through Entertainment.

In 2017 2ITC  dropped their lives here in Arizona to head out on tour of the US to raise money for homeless veterans. At each venue they were met with the same outcome. Every person that attended the event was overwhelmed with a WOW! and merch sales went through the roof.

With the right financial backing the return would be astronomical do to the fact that 2 IN THE CHEST is a marketing gold mine just waiting to to be mined.

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